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Here comes yet another week full of artistic events! At Paris Photo, there’ll be photography of all styles on display; at Empiristes, there’ll be a display of the artwork of the Emerige Revelations Grant candidates. In addition, you’ll have a chance to see Nicolas de Montaigut’s “Clin d’Oeil” exhibition, or maybe you’d like to take a little trip to Brussels on the Thalys to see paintings by Victoire Cathalan. If traveling isn’t on your agenda, take a moment to read Qui je suis, a biography by Tessa Rampling, or Paris to the Moon by Adam Gopnik. I also encourage you to see the play “Le Mensonge,” starring Pierre Arditti and Evelyne Bouix.

And if find yourself in New York this evening, there’ll be an auction at Christie’s in New York for a Modigliani masterpiece…surely it will have a reasonable asking price!

Paris to the Moon by Adam Gopnik Publisher Random House
Paris to the Moon by Adam Gopnik
Publisher Random House

Paris to the Moon by Adam Gopnik 

A book of autobiographical essays by an American expatriate, Paris to the Moon details the experiences of a New York family as they settle into their new lives in the City of Light. In spite of the obstacles that come with a move overseas, Gopnik optimistically embraces each part of the Parisian lifestyle as his own. With its charming anecdotes and lively prose, Paris to the Moon transports the reader right into the body and soul of Paris as the author familiarizes himself with its unique cultural nuances that, in his opinion, make it the most beautiful city in the world…

Révélations Emerige 2015 Laurent Dumas et Lucie Picandet
Révélations Emerige 2015
Laurent Dumas et Lucie Picandet
Lucie Picandet Révélations Emerige
Lucie Picandet
Révélations Emerige

Emerige Revelations Grant – Empiricists

This is the second edition of an award created by Laurent Dumas with the goal of supporting young artists, to give them the boost that will launch them out of their education and into real artistic life. This year, there are 11 candidates that have been selected to show their work at Villa Emerige. They all express their points of view by way of diverse materials, like the mysterious soft suitcases by Loup Sarion, or Rapaelle Peria’s carpet landscapes where “One discovers a landscape with one’s feet before seeing it with one’s eyes.” In addition, we have a sort of poetry in Clément Richem’s constellations, where the star is a flower that lives and dies before our eyes. We also have sculpture paintings by Alexis Hayère, and Louis Cyprien Rials’s little ceramic bowls decorated with Aramaic writing capture my attention, as well as his video showing fascinating images of fire in Iraq’s deserts.

Raphaelle Peria Révélations Emerige
Raphaelle Peria
Révélations Emerige
Clément Richem Révélations Emerige
Clément Richem
Révélations Emerige

Upon seeing the hanging embroideries by Lucie Picandet, the 2015 winner of the grant, I can’t help but think of the embroideries by Louis Bourgeois. She also works a lot on the subject of memory, and in her art she creates for us her “thread of thought.”

Don’t hesitate to head over to the Villa Emerige and discover for yourselves these gifted artists.

From November 5-22

Curated by Gael Charbeau

Louis Cyprien Rials La Théorie de la Terre Creuse - 2014 - 110x220cm Prix Emerige
Louis Cyprien Rials
La Théorie de la Terre Creuse – 2014 – 110x220cm
Prix Emerige

2015 Winner: Lucie Picandet

November 6-22
Open Tuesday to Sunday from 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Emerige VILLA
7 rue Robert 75016 Paris Turquan

Artists presented: Sara AcremannBianca BondiAlexis Hayère, Jessica LajardRaphaëlle Peria, Lucie Picandet, Louis-Cyprien RialsClément Richem, Kevin RouillardLoup SarionSamuel Trenquier

 Brussels: Artist Victoire Cathalan exposed at the Art Thema Gallery – November 12-December 31

Victoire Cathalan à la Art Thema Gallery
Victoire Cathalan à la Art Thema Gallery

A product of Strasbourg’s decorative arts scene, as well as Valencia’s fine arts scene, Victoire Cathalan began her artistic career in Paris in 2004. Having been based in Switzerland for several years, she shows her work primarily in Paris, Geneva, Strasbourg, and now Brussels. While showcasing this exhibition at the Art Thema Gallery, the artist will present her recent paintings and drawings, as well as a retrospective of the last five years where the viewer gets to know the topics that are dear to her. It’s quite a discovery!





Photography by Nicolas de Montaigut – Gallery Berthelot

Nicolas de Montaigut -
Nicolas de Montaigut –
Nicolas de Montaigut - Galerie Berthelot
Nicolas de Montaigut – Galerie Berthelot

In this unusual gallery, where Rodin, Picabia, and Lanskoy once spent time, we have a place where we could spend hours searching for the object of curiosity. Artists are displayed here regularly, and it’s now Nicolas de Montaigut’s turn to give his “clin d’oeil.”

“Clin d’Oeil” at the Gallery Berthelot is the third personal exhibition by Nicolas de Montaigut who, for a decade, followed his passion for photography alongside his professional life in finance.

This long-term traveler invites us to take a photographic walk, which begins in London: a graphic reflection on the coexistence of classical architecture and contemporary art. When he walks, his goal in his city is to defy stereotypes by revisiting the colonnades of the Palais Royal, the Eiffel Tower, Place de la Concorde, and the Pont Alexandre III. It’s a nod to clichés that require perfect timing with their senses of light and composition. Here, curiosity gives way to (re)contemplation of Parisian institutions through a resolutely aestheticizing yet fresh perspective.

Nicolas de Montaigut - Galerie Berthelot
Nicolas de Montaigut – Galerie Berthelot
Nicolas de Montaigut - Galerie Berthelot
Nicolas de Montaigut – Galerie Berthelot

Conversely, it is the everyday and the ordinary that become the subjects of Nicolas de Montaigut’s roofs of Paris—or in those consecrated as Street Art. In “Out of the Grey,” the photographer declares his passion for this type of urban art by compiling over one hundred works trailing the walls of his city.

Exhibition “Clin d’oeil,” Gallery Berthelot

November 5-30

Berthelot, 184 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Paris 8.



Le Mensonge – Théâtre Edouard VII – Paris

Le mensonge - théâtre Edouard VII
Le mensonge – théâtre Edouard VII

The husband of a friend tied up with another woman…what to do? A true story acted out by Pierre Arditti and Evelyne Bouix.

Le Mensonge by Florian Zeller, directed by Bernard Murat


Book – Qui je suis by Charlotte Rampling with Christophe Bataille – Edited by Grasset

Qui je suis - Grasset Charlotte Rampling
Qui je suis – Grasset
Charlotte Rampling



A lovely story featuring the memories of Charlotte Rampling, we discover the novel of her life along with her family secrets. A heroic mother of a Fitzgerald novel, a father who conquered the Olympic Games in Berlin…

 Auction – Monday, 9 November 2015

Monday, 9 November 2015
The Artist’s Muse:
A Curated Evening Sale – New York, Rockefeller Plaza –

‘When a woman poses for a painter, she gives herself to him.’
— Amedeo Modigliani

Amedeo Modigliani’s “Nu couché”

Christie's Amedeo Modigliani (1884-1920) "Nu couché" 1910
Amedeo Modigliani (1884-1920) “Nu couché” 1910

The defining masterpiece of Modigliani’s art, this life-affirming work is a lesson in erotic education — offered as part of the curated sale The Artist’s Muse on Monday 9 November at Christie’s New York

Amedeo Modigliani’s Nu couché is one of the great, undisputed facts of his extraordinary life and tragically brief, but brilliant, artistic career. It is one of the defining masterpieces of his work: a seamless fusion of classical idealism, sensual realism and modernist invention. It is a work that reaches the lofty heights of Modigliani’s long-held ambition to create a sublime sculptural icon in the form of a woman ­– what he called a ‘column of tenderness’ – while acknowledging the gritty reality of his bohemian life as an impoverished émigré eking out an existence in a poor district of Paris.

Realistic enough to seduce, yet stylized to the point that it stands as an idealized vision, Nu couché is no portrait, but rather a great artist’s paean to idea of the beauty of life itself. It is one of the finest and most admired of an extraordinary series of joyous, sensual, erotic and life-affirming nudes. Modigliani painted Nu Couché in an intense spate of creativity from the winter of 1917 onwards. It was, by all accounts, the product of several hours of intense, feverish work painting ‘orgasmically’, according to the painter Tsuguharu Foujita, in a small, poorly furnished room, alone with his model, two chairs, a couch and a bottle of brandy during what was probably the worst year of the Great War. It is a defiant life-affirming ‘yes-saying’ to life made directly in the face of great personal adversity during one of the darkest and most traumatic periods of the 20th century.” Christie’s

Florence Briat Soulie et Caroline d’Esneval

Translated by Erica DeMichiel ,  Wesleyan University, Vassar Wesleyan Program in Paris Fall 2015.



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