Autumn in New York

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The first days of October in New York are fantastic: the summer heat finally disappears, the park is adorned with these most beautiful colors, the city is calm, and the new exhibitions indicate that the exciting fairs and auctions of November will begin soon.  This year is even more exciting, we all look forward to the reopening of MoMa closed all summer.

To see in Chelsea,

David Hockney & Loie Hollowell at Pace

540 West 25th Street,

The exhibition is fun and refreshing! Hockney has a fun painting called “Normandy”

One can recognize the pretty buildings of Normandy, with lots of greenery and automobiles; isn’t that a little cliche?

The purpose of our trip is not only to see this small exhibition but also to discover the new space of the Pace Gallery or shopping center of art. The space is huge, it has 8 floors. Personally, I find that the size and layout of this space makes it impersonal; we do not know very well where we are, in a museum? in a Mall? This does not affect the quality of the works on display. Loie Hollowell’s exhibition is surprisingly beautiful, the exploration of these forms has reached a climax; the combination of colors is breathtaking and the new work on the material by adding relief pieces and sand sublimates the well framed identity of his work. The American artist seems here completely immersed in his practice which was totally his own.

Lucas Arruda, Deserto-Modelo at David Zwirner’s

525 West 19th Street

Small size and immensity.

The contemplation of these small works can be compared to a surprising journey; painting has the ability of completely intruding us into the artwork and suddenly we face the vastness of his work. We are transported into a sublimated universe; the realistic frame – the Brazilian landscapes native land of this young artist – stands out fully. We can imagine the humidity present in the Amazon rainforest and its most diverse sounds. The presence of infinitely small brushstrokes gives a power difficult to describe by words; his works are captivating and provoke a real effect on the viewer.

Ed Clark at Hauser & Wirth

548 West 22nd Street

Ed Clark / Hauser & Wirth

Gorgeous! Captivating! Confusing! This is the first exhibition of the artist with Hauser.

The exhibited works are works of the years 2000-2013, some describe them as “enigmatic compositions”.

I love to look at their texture in detail, I enjoy to guess his techniques. We can see the presence of arbitrary scotch, sometimes detached or present, a hair is also stuck in one of the spots of color. These works are very involved, the association of colors is fantastic.

What is striking is that these works rhyme with sweetness but simultaneously with power; we could almost speak of its aggressiveness. The fact that the canvases are raw participates enormously in their strength; liberating force undertaken by the artist who in this series stands out complementing his horizontal compositions; the brush is no longer a sense but is expressed in several directions.

Richard Serra, Reverse Curve at Gagosian

522 West 21st Street

How can one begin to speak about this monumental installation? Richard Serra’s installations are often breathtaking; but this one is “monumentally” breathtaking. One wonders then about the limit between art and construction; this current question is usually more about art and design or art and fashion. We are completely captivated by this unique piece; although our mind is more occupied with many technical issues. How was this work carried? How is she?

The curves are perfect, everything seems so fluid while the material is so raw. Silence reigns in this gallery; this work seems to impose silence.

Sew your Soul at Rockefeller Center.

New York will never stop surprising us.The artist Lucy Sparrow, with the support of the Art Production Fund, has opened a temporary deli where New Yorkers can buy seafood, bagels, sushi, cupcakes, meat and veggies! In 2017, her bodega on the High Line had huge success; she had been robbed of her opening.

ChaCha Matcha

If you’re looking for an energizing break, head to the ChaCha Matcha! You have to try the  that you have to stop to take a Oat Milk Matcha .. the mixture of oats and Matcha is incredibly sweet!
 Did you say oat milk ?? Yes !
 Fashion, fashion, fashion … are we stupid to eat hay?

ChaCha Matcha

It’s energizing and fun. This coffee is eco-friendly; none of the containers are made of plastic. We love both Soho, Nolita and Broadway. Love you so matcha!

Emilie Renault

Translated by Joshua Lacoste , Vassar-Wesleyan Program in Paris Fall 2019

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