FIAC 2015

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The Paris art scene warmly welcomes the return of the annual “FIAC,” or International Contemporary Art Fair, at the Grand Palais, an event that will take place from October 21st through the 25th. With over 175 exhibitors showcasing their work, where does one even begin with only 5 days to take advantage of them all? Not to mention the ceremonial recognition of the winners of the prestigious Ricard and Marcel Duchamp awards, which is surely not be missed…

Fiac 2015 Martin Creed Gavin Brown's Enterprise

Fiac 2015
Martin Creed
Gavin Brown’s Enterprise

While narrowing down which artists to see among such a dynamic array of exhibitors is no easy task, there are several galleries that are truly worth a visit during the fair.

Galerie Nathalie Obadia

A Paris and Brussels-based art dealer, Nathalie Obadia has catapulted many a fledgling artist into international renown. Showcasing works from inkjet prints (Sarkis) to tapestries (Laure Prouvost), Obadia is able to cull a fascinating and multifaceted exhibit.

Andrea Rosen Gallery – David Altmejd

Though color is not a motif in the works of David Altmejd, that’s not to say they’re lacking in visual splendor. His art takes on an almost otherworldly, even angelic feeling with his repeated use of the color white and fractured glass.  You must see the piece by David Altmejd in the Tuileries. Mesmerizing!

David Atmejd - Tuileries - ©Andrea Rosen Gallery - Fiac 2015

David Atmejd – Tuileries – ©Andrea Rosen Gallery – Fiac 2015

Gagosian Gallery

Here at the Gagosian Gallery, we have works ranging from photography to sculpture. It’s quite a treat walking through the multidimensional booth in its uniquely eclectic environment. One can only wonder, where did these influences come from?

Applicat-Prazan – Maurice Estève

Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac Fiac 2015

Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac
Fiac 2015

Serving as a total artistic contrast with the bright white works of David Altmejd, the paintings of Maurice Estève put color at the forefront. Teetering on the edge of abstract and concrete, Estève’s use of vibrant tones and geometric shapes alludes to the cubist era that played a role in inspiring his creativity…

Swarovski Series – Wu Tsang

Kicking off the first in Swarovski’s Series recognizing artists using crystal as a medium, Wu Tsang displays his multisensory exhibit “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.” The glimmering crystals, the powerful voiceovers, and the glowing lights make for an electric artistic experience. Simply stunning for both the eyes and the ears!

Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac

Yan Pei Ming "Picasso à Malaga" 2015. HST. 150X100 cm Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac Fiac 2015

Yan Pei Ming
« Picasso à Malaga » 2015. HST. 150X100 cm
Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac
Fiac 2015

Take a trip through time by observing the works featured in the Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, where you’ll find everything from oil on canvas to Marilyn Monroe pop art. The diverse textures on display in both the sculptures as well as in the two-dimensional works (one artist, Anselm Kiefer, even took to using soil on canvas!) are quite a visually interesting sight to behold.

If you find yourself wandering about the galleries on the 24th, remember to check out the unveiling of the 2015 Marcel Duchamp prize winner. The nominees this year are French artists David Balula, Neil Beloufa, Melik Ohanian, and Zineb Sedira.

Nicolas de Staël Fiac 2015

Nicolas de Staël
Fiac 2015

In the event you have even more time to spare, take a river shuttle over to Les Docks – Cité de la Mode et du Design for yet another contemporary art fair experience: Officielle. There, you’ll be able to see the unique perspectives of artists showcased by galleries including Reinhard Hauff and Selma Feriani, who represent just a small fraction of the 204 artists on display at the fair this year.

Get ready for an art-filled 5 days!

Erica DeMichiel,  Wesleyan University, Vassar Wesleyan Program in Paris Fall 2015.




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